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About Kristin...

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Kristin Miller is a young emerging Artist based on the Sunshine Coast. After graduating high school in 2015 she began experimenting with resin along with other materials and her practice has evolved since into a wide variety of mixed media.

Carefully thought and designed, Kristin creates art with her uttermost relaxed vibes and serenity. She is known to have a calm presence, never to be rushed and to go with the flow, all of which that energy is conveyed into her artwork.

Mother Nature has always been Kristin's greatest inspiration. Predominantly, being present with the ocean, which grants her clarity and the skies divine hues that radiate peace & tranquillity. Kristin wanted to share this presence with others, through art. At just 19 years young, she found her purpose and was ready to take on her aspirations - Kristin's mission is to portray the tranquil energy that the ocean and nature brings to her.

"I want to be able to share that connection with the viewer. When they see my art I want them to feel that calm and collected presence as if they are by the ocean."